Introducing ICEWIZARD™: the ultimate tool for making informed bets on NHL games. With its sophisticated algorithms and extensive data analysis, ICEWIZARD™ is designed to provide you with the most accurate predictions and insights into the world of hockey.

Whether you’re a seasoned hockey fan or a newcomer to the sport, ICEWIZARD™ will give you the edge you need to win big on every game.

Equal Opportunity

Picks are released to all clients simultaneously through a secure client login, ensuring equal access to valuable data for making informed betting decisions.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in fair, equal opportunity for all. Regardless of the size of your bets or level of engagement, every client pays the same price.

Versatile Pick Types

Choose from our full game picks based on the (PL) Puck-Line +/- 1.5, (ML) Money-Line, and the Total (Over/Under) options.

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer support. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a satisfying experience.


Choose the best plan that fits you

Unleash the power of ICEWIZARD™, our NHL pick system that covers all games until the last puck drop of the season. Make a one-time, non-recurring purchase and gain exclusive access to expert picks, enabling you to dominate the ice and maximize your winning potential.

We’re hard at work analyzing data, refining algorithms, and perfecting strategies to deliver winning picks. Mark your calendars, as ICEWIZARD™ will be available for purchase four weeks prior to the thrilling start of the NHL season.

Prepare to gain a strategic advantage and dominate the ice like never before.


Strategic Dominance

ICEWIZARD™ uses advanced statistical models to evaluate player performance, team strategies, and historical trends to help you make the best possible betting decisions. From the latest game results to injury reports, ICEWIZARD™ incorporates all the most critical data and factors to ensure that you have access to the most comprehensive analysis available.

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