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Join our esteemed community of sports enthusiasts and digital marketers, and embark on an exciting journey as an affiliate partner. With our program, you have the opportunity to earn lucrative commissions by referring customers to our top-notch sports handicapping products.

Get ready to take advantage of the best marketing tools, transparent commission reports, swift payouts, and the pride of promoting a product that reigns superior in the sports handicapping space.

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Why Join Advantage Partners?

What makes the Advanced Sports Data Team different?

Superior Product Offering

Promote our renowned lineup of cutting-edge sports handicapping products, including DiamondMind™, CourtMaster™, IceWizard™, GridMav™, ScoreSavant™, and DataDreamer™. Backed by Advanced Sports Data's unrivaled expertise and advanced analytics, our products empower sports bettors with data-driven insights, giving them a competitive edge.

Best Marketing Tools

Gain access to a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including customized banners, engaging creatives, and targeted promotional materials. Utilize these resources to effectively promote our products and maximize your earning potential.

Transparent Commission Reports

Stay informed about your performance with detailed commission reports. Our transparent tracking system provides real-time data on your referrals, conversions, and commission earnings, allowing you to track your success and optimize your marketing strategies.

Fast Payouts

We understand the value of your time and effort. That's why we ensure fast and reliable payouts, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without delay. Receive your commissions promptly, allowing you to focus on growing your affiliate business.

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