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Unlock the power of data-driven sports predictions at Advanced Sports Data. Bet smarter, not harder, with our cutting-edge analytics and insights for informed wagering decisions.


Why ASD?

Choose ASD for unparalleled sports predictions backed by advanced data analytics, expert insights, and a proven track record of success – empowering you to make informed betting decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Consistently Reliable

With your premium sports betting pick service, customers can expect to receive high-quality picks that have been carefully researched and analyzed.

Increased Profits

Our premium sports betting picks will help customers make more informed betting decisions and increase their chances of winning, ultimately leading to increased profits.


By subscribing to Advanced Sport Data, customers can save time on researching and analyzing games themselves, or relying on other services that do not dedicate the type of hours that we do 7 days per week.

Competitive Edge

Our premium sports data can provide customers with a competitive edge over other bettors, and bookmakers, increasing their chances of winning.

Personalized Service

Our premium sports betting pick service can offer personalized service to customers, providing picks tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Reduced Risk

Our carefully researched and analyzed picks can help customers reduce their risks and make more informed betting decisions.

Industry Expertise

As a provider of premium sports betting picks, our customers have access to industry expertise and insights that can help customers better understand the betting markets.

Diversified Offerings

Our premium sports betting data service can offer customers a diversified range of picks, covering a variety of sports and events.


Despite the quality of your service, it is affordable and provides customers with excellent value for their money.

Find the ASD Product That is Right For You

Discover our range of ASD products tailored to meet your unique sports betting needs, providing you with the tools and insights to maximize your winning potential.


The Gridiron Maverick - the pinnacle in NFL and college football betting experience.


The advanced sports betting pick service that specializes in NBA and CBB.


The revolutionary sports betting system focused on MLB.


Gain access to all of our active cutting-edge systems.


The ultimate tool for making informed bets on NHL games.


The premier stat-driven solution for International Soccer.

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Why Do We Do It?


Why do you sell your data service instead of just betting on the games?

Increased revenue potential

By selling our data service, we generate additional revenue for our information.


Selling our data service allows us to reach a larger global audience which goes back to the first reason, increased revenue potential.

Increased Expertise

Selling our game predictions as a service requires in-depth knowledge of the sports and events we're betting on, which increases our expertise and makes us sharper bettors.

Objective Analysis

When selling the releases from our data models, we are forced to always be more objective in our analysis and not let personal biases or emotions cloud our judgment.

Better Accountability

Selling game predictions to customers holds us accountable for daily results which motivates us to perform all the time. Our customers expect results.

Fulfilling Work

This is rewarding work, and we like turning recreational players into professional bettors.

ASD Analyzes the Games For You

Let ASD be your strategic advantage as our cutting-edge systems meticulously analyze major U.S. sports and international soccer markets. This round-the-clock monitoring of betting markets allows our customers to uncover optimal betting opportunities.


ASD Clients Rant and Rave About Us

With our premium service, customers can expect a high level of customer satisfaction, thanks to our reliability, expertise, and commitment to delivering results.

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